Privacy Policy

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Here are some actions which will be considered as misuse of the website, and are thus prohibited:

  • • Transfer of any harmful data like a virus, trojans, etc. Causing any damage to the website by attempting hacking.
  • • Posting obscene, pedophilic, sexist, racist, communal, hatred, terrorism comments are strictly intolerable against any individual or group.
  • • Promoting illegal activities like smuggling, threat calls, terror activities, or obscenity.
  • • Distribution of any copyrighted material or reproduce them without the written consent of the owner
  • • Promotion of illegal copy of any other person’s copyrighted work
  • • Violating personal privacy of any person by uploading videos, photographs, or images without the consent of an individual is prone to legal action
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  • • The data, content used, and the products sold on the website comes under copyright protection laws and hence any modification, changes, translation, or imitation of the idea is prohibited.

Security & Registration

Your account on KDM Lifestyle is your responsibility. If you share your password or account details with any third party, then you are fully responsible for the activities in your account. Once you have registered your account in our site, you will be notified about your participation via email. Any security breach will also be informed to the user.

If you order a product or use our services that mean you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • • Your order is confirmed only after the payment is received from your credit/debit card.
  • • In the case of COD, you aren’t allowed to open the Packet of the purchased item without paying to the delivery person.
  • • KDM Lifestyle doesn't guarantee accurate appearance in the final product. The ordered product may not meet your expectations in terms of quality, color, size, etc.
  • • We provide product description, manufacturing details, and prices on the package of the item. If the mentioned price differs from the actual price. We suggest you report about it the earliest.
  • • In case your order isn’t trackable, we will cancel the order and the amount will be debited in the account.
  • • We have offers and discount coupons available on our site. Only one discount code is valid per order. You can’t use two discount coupons on one order. The discount coupons are valid for a limited period. So, use them before they are expired.
  • • The Company takes no responsibility to the items sold to any third party from your account.

We try our best to provide the best services to our customers by providing a quality product, best prices, and easy online shopping. Our services are available in major cities of the country and we are looking forward to expanding our business in the future.