Cancellation Policy

  • • If you have not received the order then you can cancel the ordered item anytime by logging in to your KDM Lifestyle account.
  • • You can cancel the order and re-book another item. Select the ‘My Order’ category and click on the cancel button. Your job is done.
  • • No any question is asked on cancelling the order. Search for new items and book them.
  • • No additional charges are deducted in the cancellation of an order.
  • • The refund amount of the cancelled order would reach in your bank account within 10working days.
  • • In case of any trouble in cancelling the order, be free to ask us. Write a email us and get a solution.

Shipping Policy

KDM Lifestyle is dedicated to providing the best online shopping experience to our customers. We make sure the purchased item reaches on time and in good condition. For that, we use the services of the leading courier companies.

The purchased product would reach you within 2 to 4 days after it has been dispatched from our storehouse. There are no shipping charges included in the orders above Rs. 500. For orders below Rs. 500, there is a common shipping charge of as applicable on all the items.

In case the order is untraceable or lost its transits with us, we would refund the whole amount without any question.